John Guider has covered more than 10,000 miles in open boats, 8000 of them in the original "Skerry Raid." He's back for a new boat, this time to run in the Race to Alaska. We've designed an 18'7" double-ender, and we spend two weeks with John in the prototype shop over in early February. Read more about the boat here. 
John Guider with the first parts of his new boat
John Guider with the first parts of his new rowing-sailing boat on Monday morning, February 4th.

Watch the first 10 days, compressed into 12 minutes!

Here's a time-lapse view of the first three days:

Check out some video from Day #1:

Below, we're mounting the bulkheads in the nascent hull, with cameras rolling. Look for a comprehensive build video in coming weeks.

Mounting the bulkheads

Guider Hull

Compared to the original Skerry Raid, née "Expedition Skerry" that John Guider sailed and rowed around the Great Loop (and beyond), the new boat is bigger (18'7" versus 15') and heavier. John's design brief for the new boat included a desire to FINISH the 1000-mile Race to Alaska, not win line honors. There's an emphasis on safety and flotation. There's also room for two adults to sleep in the cockpit, a big advance over the Skerry Raid.

Guider 2.0

Guider's Expedition Skerry

John Guider's original "Expedition Skerry" during his Great Loop circumnavigation. Basically a decked-in CLC Skerry, among other tweaks. Below, approaching Manhattan during the Great Loop expedition.

Approaching Manhattan

Interior, Guider 2.0
The interior includes lots of built-in storage and flotation and a small footwell. The centerboard is aluminum plate. It's all set inside a slippery hull that should perform well under both sail and oar.

Guider 2.0 Hull

The rudder is in an inboard trunk, doubtless one of the more controversial features of the new design. Although it complicates the build, designer John C. Harris prefers this approach for its efficiency and good looks. But most of all, to avoid having to grope awkwardly over the pointed stern to adjust the more typical kick-up rudder.

Guider 2.0 Rudder Detail

Stay tuned for more over the next couple of weeks ....

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