The CLC Fall Kit Sale IS ON

  • Kit discounts up to $385

  • Save up to $300 on shipping for sailboats

The time is now for the 27th annual CLC Fall Kit Sale! These are the steepest price breaks of the year on complete boat and camper kits, just in time for winter boatbuilding projects. Some examples of our Fall Kit Sale discounts:

More than 200 kits and options packages are on sale this year, including Wood Parts Only kits. Some discounts are as much as 15%. And a reminder, gentle readers, that all of CLC's kits are cut and packed by skilled artisans right here in Annapolis, Maryland. If you wait until the last days of the Fall Kit Sale to order, you might be waiting for a couple of weeks!

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Order boat kits and sailing components together to save on shipping!

Let's talk about shipping. We all know that shipping logistics—and costs—have gone barmy over the last year. If you're building one of our sailing craft, you might want to get the Sailing Component kit at the same time as the base kit. Sailing rig kits are not included in the Fall Kit Sale, because margins on those are as thin as typewriter ribbon. But you can save $200 or more on shipping by ordering the sailing bits with the discounted hull. Shipping the hull and sailing rig kits together can cut the shipping bill in half.

Want to reduce the shipping cost even more? Save an additional $45 in shipping costs when you order fixed oars or a paddle with your boat kit. They will ship for free with the boat kit — though we are limited to stock on hand. No back orders, alas. Order a complete package with basic boat kit, paddles or oars, and even a sailing rig, and save as much as $300 on shipping alone!

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The Lugubrious Fine Print: The sale ends at midnight EDT, October 18th, absolutely. Normal shipping rates apply. If you wait until the last days of the sale to order, expect to wait a few weeks to get your kit. Boat kits destined for our classes are special: discounts and other promotions do not apply to boats built in classes.