CLC ProKits: Sophisticated Designs

for Sophisticated Builders

Chesapeake Light Craft got its start developing easy-to-build boats for beginner boatbuilders. That continues to be our mission.

We're a busy design house, however. Over the last 25 years, CLC's design team have been commissioned to create larger and/or more complex boat designs. Examples include the Waterlust Sailing CanoeMadness, the 31-foot proa, the 32-foot Whitby Gig, the Autumn Leaves Canoe Yawl, and the Outrigger Junior among many others.

A great many of you have written, expressing frustration that these designs aren't widely available. The reasons for this vary; some designs are simply waiting for a detailed assembly manual like the one included with the Lighthouse Tender Peapod.

We've combed through this back catalog and curated the best of them into a collection we call "ProKits." These designs are intended for boatbuilders who are comfortable reading plans, and who don't need the extensive step-by-step build instructions that are included with all of our most popular designs.

All have extensive plans and documentation that exceed the average level of detail found in amateur boat plans, but nevertheless assume a knowledge of wood-epoxy boatbuilding and the ability to work from drawings. 

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