Lighthouse Tender Peapod:

Kits and Plans are Ready!

The new Lighthouse Tender Peapod recreates the look and feel of a traditional Maine "peapod" using stitch-and-glue techniques. We've made this beloved old working craft accessible to amateur builders!

The 13'5" Lighthouse Tender rows and sails with bewitching style and carries big loads easily. Cat- or yawl-rigged versions sparkle under sail.

Watch the Lighthouse Tender Peapod Video!

The original Maine peapods were used for inshore lobstering, fishing, and general utility---such as tending lighthouses. Thus the design name. Ours is closest to the "Washington County Peapod," recorded in 1937 by Smithsonian curator and historian Howard Chapelle.

The base kit is $2689 and includes a long list of standard equipage. Inwales, floorboards, centerboard trunk, and mast steps are all included in "base" kits. You can choose rigs with one or two masts. Right out of the box the Peapod makes a great little beach cruiser!

An extensive assembly manual, printed in color, combined with the computer-machined kit, makes this a good choice for builders with a little wood-epoxy experience.