Building a CLC Boat From Plans

If you can source your own materials, we have the best plans set to paper.

Sure we've sold more than 22,000 boat kits, but thousands more amateur (and professional) boatbuilders started from scratch with CLC plans and manuals and built show-quality boats.  Boat plans ans manuals have come a long way since the sketchy blueprints of the 1950s, but nobody has come as far as we have.  We don't just give you scaled drawings.  Most of our plans packages include an elaborated step-by-step shop manual that walks you through every step from sourcing materials to applying varnish.

Building a CLC Boat from Plans - Instructional manual

A typical CLC instruction manual, with step-by-step photos and diagrams from start to finish.

Building a CLC Boat from Plans - Full-sized patterns

Just take one of our more than 90 boat designs, the Northeaster Dory.

For $99, you get:

- A roll of paper over 50 feet long, 3 feet wide, with full-sized patterns for every single part.

- A 178-page spiral bound manual with hundreds os step-by-step photos, details for multiple sailing rigs, and complete finishing guides.

That’s a lot of detail, and a lot of value. Backing up every set of plans is our tech 
support, always free and unlimited. Real CLC boatbuilders are available six days a week by phone, and by email any time.

Building a CLC Boat from Plans - Northeaster Dory Patterns


Here are the Northeaster Dory’s patterns, the longest sheets over 17 feet long.

These are now laser-printed, reducing distortion from the printing process to zero.


Building a CLC Boat from Plans - Transfer pattern to wood To transfer full-sized patterns to the wood, all you need is an awl or an ice pick. Punch through the paper into the wood....
Building a CLC Boat from Plans - cutting patterns ...then connect the dots with a pencil and fire up the saw.