More about CLC Boatbuilding ClassesWhat is stitch and glue boatbuilding all about?  It's a fast and easy way to build beautiful wooden boats. Here are start-to-finish time lapse videos of some of our most popular boat kits. These were recorded during one-week build-your-own-boat classes in the CLC classroom in Annapolis, Maryland.


 Building Shearwater & Wood Duck Kayaks in a week-long class, at CLC

 Building the CLC Teardrop Camper in a two-week class at CLC

 Building a Tenderly Dinghy at the WoodenBoat School, Brooklin, ME.

 Building Petrel SG or Petrel Play Kayak, Annapolis, MD.

 Building Chesapeake Kayak at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museam, St. Michaels, MD.

 Building Passagemaker Dinghy or Eastport Pram

 Building a LapStitch™ Skerry

 Building Petrel SG or Petrel Play Kayak

 Building a Chesapeake-Series Kayak

 Building aAnnapolis Wherry II

 Building an Annapolis Wherry 

 Building Wood Duck Kayaks 

 Building Kaholo Stand-up Paddleboards




 Building LapStitch™ Dinghies

 Building Kaholo Stand-up Paddleboards


Building Northeaster Dories


 Building Wood Duck Kayaks 




Building Annapolis Wherries 

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