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Essential Hand Tools:

Block Plane, Low Angle by Stanley 1-3/8
All boatbuilders need a block plane in their toolbox. They are used for cutting scarfs, trimming off a bit of wood here and there, and shaping all manner of parts. We couldn't imagine building a boat, even from a kit, without a sharp block plane. Though you could buy a block plane for less, this one will last for generations.

Rabbet Plane, Bullnose, by Stanley 1-1/8

Cast iron and adjustable, this quality rabbet plane is ideal for cutting rabbets and gains.  These Stanley planes, coming from century-old casting patterns, will last a lifetime. 




Japanese Saw

 Japanese Saw 9-1/2

Japanese (Ryoba) Razor Saws cut on the pull stroke. They leave a very thin kerf and are razor sharp---special tempering helps these saws keep their edge for a long time. We find that they cut faster and more accurately than even the finest western saws. One side is for crosscutting; the other is for ripping. This is the only handsaw that many woodworkers use.

Specs are: 9 teeth per inch on ripping side; 22 teeth per inch on crosscut side; 9-1/2" blade length; Long rattan-wrapped handle.

Replacement blades are available.




Shinto Saw Rasp Shinto Saw Rasp 9

Shinto Saw Rasps are manufactured from high quality saw blades with coarse teeth on one side (11 per inch) and fine teeth on the other (25 per inch). Because of the saw tooth design, clogging is eliminated. Use the coarse side for shaping and rapid, chainsaw-like removal of material, and the fine side for finish cuts. We use them in our shop for shaping rubrails, stem and stern profiles, and rapidly removing epoxy slag. They are also perfect for rough-shaping MiniCel foam seats. 




Super-hard Milled Scraper (set of 4)

A true craftsman's tool. Use scrapers to mow down uneven epoxy without resorting to the sander. Or treat bare wood prior to finishing for improved grain figure beneath epoxy or varnish.

These hardened scrapers are made from the finest European steel and have superior edge-holding ability. Four shapes are included in the set: Oblong, Curved, Double-curved, and Goose-neck. 





Spokeshaves are almost essential for making paddles and very handy for cleaning up the insides of sea kayak cockpits. They work much like a block plane, but can be used on tight curves. Made by Record Tools of Sheffield, England, this tool is easy to adjust, well made and reasonably priced. 




Spring Clamps

 Spring Clamp

Sometimes you can’t spare two hands when it’s time to clamp. Spring clamps are the answer; they’re quick and easy and provide enough clamping pressure for most epoxied joints.

Take a look at our image gallery - you can never have enough clamps!  




C-Clamps C-Clamps

What can we say? A boatbuilder can never have enough clamps. These are the Adjustable Clamp Co. brand that we use in our own shop. The 3” clamps are great for larger craft.  An exceptional price. 




Epoxy & Fiberglassing Supplies:

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Nitrile Gloves - Box of 100

Even though epoxy fumes and odor aren't too bad, even indoors, you can't get the stuff on your hands. The big-box stores will charge you too much for small packets of low-quality disposable gloves. Buy them like a pro in a box of 100 (50 pairs).  These are nitrile, not latex, so they're stronger and there's no danger of a latex allergy.  One size fits most. 




Epoxy Spreader

Plastic Epoxy Spreader

Indispensable for epoxy work. Spreads epoxy, squeegees excess resin out of 'glass cloth, makes fillets, and can be cut to various shapes. Worth having a pile of them.

Pair with CLC Fillet Tools for expert epoxy fillet work. 




Fillet Tools
 Fillet Tools - Set of Six

You can't build a stitch-and-glue boat without epoxy fillets.  An epoxy fillet (pronounced "fill-it," as in "fill that corner up," not fill-LAY, as in "filet of fish") is one of the most common procedures in a stitch-and-glue boatbuilding project.  Epoxy fillets hold the parts of the boat together.  Proper tools for fillets are, more than anything, what separates clean composite boatbuilding work from a gooey mess.




Mixing Cups

Epoxy Mixing Cup - Pint

The same ones we use for mixing epoxy at CLC.  Semi-transparent, solvent resistant polyethylene buckets. Calibrated markings. Mix and measure in one container.  You can let the leftover epoxy cure, then flex the cup.  Since epoxy doesn't stick to the plastic, the leftover falls out and the cups are as good as new.  Indispensable for making epoxy fillets. 




Respirator w/ HEPA Filters

 3M 6000 Series Respirator with HEPA Filters

The 3M™ 6000 Series reusable respirator offers users comfort and convenience - coupled with cost savings. Each face piece is remarkably comfortable, soft, lightweight and easy to adjust. NIOSH approved for negative pressure air purifying and positive pressure dual airline applications.

The HEPA Partical Filter that ships with this mask is the same we use in our shop every day to do a varity of tasks including milling cedar strips, prepping okoume and sapele hull parts, sanding epoxy, and mixing silica for epoxy work.  When we need to do any paint and varnish work we just swap out the particulate filter for an Organic Vapor Cartridge.  




Finishing Supplies:

5" Sanding Discs


Boatbuilders spend most of their time sanding. Don't buy small over-priced packs of crummy, quick-dulling sandpaper at inflated prices from the big box stores! Buy it in quantity at wholesale prices from us. These premium dustless discs fit 5" random orbital sanders.  The same brand we use in our shop.

Comes in boxes of 25 discs each.  80-, 120-, and 220-grit. You'll want a box of each.  




Foam Sanding Block

Foam Sanding Handblock

3M Stikit Hand Blocks are made of sturdy, durable, high-strength material and are shaped to provide maximum user comfort and control while sanding. Using a hand block eliminates finger pressure marks in the finish by providing even distribution of sanding. 3M sanding blocks have an embossed rubber face which allows good adhesion for 3M Adhesive Backed Sandpaper. 




Adhesive Backed Sandpaper

 3M Adhesive Backed Sandpaper Sheet Roll 2-3/4

 A peculiar product that seems to be available only to professional boatbuilding shops.  We've always had a couple of rolls of this sticky-back paper in our shop, which can be used with flexible fairing boards, hand file boards, soft and hard sanding blocks or even just folded in half to get into those tight spots. 

Professionals consider this style of sandpaper absolutely indispensable.  It's expensive---as pro-quality gear tends to be---but students building boats in our classes become as addicted to its convenience as we are.  After the class is over, they ask where to buy it;  until now, we had to say "you're out of luck."  

A typical roll in the Chesapeake Light Craft class room will last for approximately 12-15 boats. 

3M 216U Gold Stikit Longboard Rolls feature P-graded aluminum oxide mineral coated on a durable A-weight paper backing with a Fre-Cut coating added to retard loading. Gold rolls are excellent for sanding varnish, sealers and light-colored substrates and wood. 




Roller Frame

Roller Frame

This 4-inch roller frame is for use with your no-lint thin-nap foam rollers.  You'll cut the roller covers in half to fit.

This width is ideal for rolling out epoxy or paint and varnish along the strakes of our small craft. 




Foam Roller Covers

Foam Roller Covers

9” roller covers suitable for applying epoxy, paint, or varnish. These rollers are formulated to not melt in the presence of corrosive epoxy hardener or highly solvent marine paints and varnishes---both of which melt the cheap black rollers.

Sold in pairs. Cut each roller in half and use on a small roller frame.

These thin-nap roller are the key ingredient in our schemes to get brush-stroke free paint jobs.

 1 Pair



Foam Brushes

Foam Brush, 2

2” wide, for applying varnish and paint. Buy a case of 50 and save $10! 

These are the brushes we use for applying and "tipping out" varnish and paint on the CLC showroom boats.  These don't melt the way the cheap home center foam brushes do, although it may still take two brushes for an entire coat of varnish on a kayak.





 Interlux Pre-Kote Primer


Prekote® is a unique under coater for use with Brightside® Polyurethane or any one-part topside finish. Simply roll 2 coats on top of sanded epoxy, sand smooth and apply the Brightside® color of your choice.

Folks who visit our shop often remark on the smooth paint finishes on our boats. One of our secrets is high build primer; it’s a thick, easily sanded primer that’s rolled onto the hull prior to painting. Much of the primer is sanded off, leaving all the scratches and dings filled and a very smooth surface. 



Brightsides Paint

Interlux Brightsides Paint

This one-part polyurethane paint is glossy, durable, and easy to use. Roll it on with a foam roller, tip it out with a brush, and everyone will think you’ve sprayed your hull. 

Brightside paints contain Teflon® which makes it easier to clean and better able to resist staining, chemicals & dirt. Teflon® also increases the abrasion resistance of Brightside.  

We stock quart in the following color: Yellow, Fire Red, Sea Green, Dark Blue, Hatteras Off-White, White, Sapphire Blue, and Black. Other colors from the chart are available to order, but they take a few more days to reach you. 




Schooner Varnish

Interlux Schooner Varnish

This is what we use to varnish CLC's fleet. The easiest varnish on the market to apply, but brings up a lovely deep amber gloss over epoxy and/or wood. Schooner® combines the very best of classic varnish chemistry to create a high gloss finish with a traditional warm golden color. If you don't paint, Schooner varnish is required to protect epoxy from UV rays.  Interlux Schooner is like SPF 5,000 sunblock for your boat. 

You'll need two quarts of varnish to get 4 or 5 coats over an entire kayak.  Applied in the shade between 60 and 85 degrees F, we don't thin this varnish.  If it's hotter than that, try to wait for a cooler day!







Bio-Solv is an environmentally friendly solvent that can be used in place of Acetone, Xylene, MEK, thinners and other petroleum-based solvents.

It effectively cleans or prepares surfaces to be painted or epoxied, removes adhesives and cleans tools. Bio-Solv is a tried and proven green solvent with a 500+ KB Cleaning Value, that out performs traditional solvents such as Acetone, Xylene, MEK, Toluene, Lacquer thinner and other solvents. A True Green Alternative Solvent.




Vapor Cartridge Set

 3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge Set

Paint Spray Cartridges 3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge To be used with 3M 6000 and 7000 Series Half Face and Full Face Respirators with bayonet attachments. The 6001 is NIOSH approved for certain organic vapors.

Whenever we are applying a coat of epoxy, paint or Varnish in the CLC shop these are the cartridges we use. 

These cartridges, when used with 6000 and 7000 Series facepieces, provides respiratory protection from certain organic vapors at concentrations up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) with half facepieces or 50 times PEL with full facepieces.

This item does not include the respirator!  



Upgrades & Personal Touches:

Brass Padeye

Brass Padeye

4-screw flange for bow and stern lines. Looks classy on the bow of any boat, or anywhere you need to fasten something.

Use #8 screws (Not included).

The eye opening measures about 3/4" x 3/4".  The screwholes are on 1-3/8" centers on the long dimension and 5/8" centers on the short dimension. 




Bronze Cleat Bronze Cleat

These small bronze cleats are a classy accent for your beautiful wooden sailboat.  Available in 3" or 4".

4" cleat requires 2 #10 x 1 1/4" bronze screws (not included) 




Engraved Nameboards

Engraved Name Board

Mount an elegant custom wooden nameplate on the boat you've built!  These banner plates are cut from solid cherry, with your boat name laser-engraved. 

You can epoxy the nameplate anywhere on the boat you like, for example, the deck or aft bulkhead of a kayak, or on the inside or outside of the transom of a rowing or sailing boat.  The plate will hold up a long time unprotected, but coating it in epoxy and varnish will guarantee it lasts as long as you and your heirs do.  The plate may be inlaid if you prefer.




Outfitting Essentials:

Guide Canoe Paddle

Guide Canoe Paddle

By Grey Owl, this laminated cherry paddle with pear grip is great for long flatwater paddles. The traditional shape complements our Sassafras canoes. 54”, 57” & 60” lengths.



  Boatbuilder Tee

You're a boatbuilder now, which makes you a little different.  Show the world what goes through the mind of a wooden boatbuilder with this handy T-shirt, which is based upon decades of study by Chesapeake Light Craft boatbuilders.

We have learned, for example, that the "Sanding" center of the brain is located in the sinuses, whereas lofting makes your skull hurt.

In green, with yellow lettering, and the CLC Wherry logo on the front.




Storage & Transportation:

Small Boat Dolly

Small Boat Dolly RD-4

These dollies are constructed of heavy duty anodized aluminum tubing and polypropylene struts with santoprene rubber-covered bunks. Santoprene is a high-tech non-skid thermoplastic rubber material that improves adhesion to the boat, wet or dry. The two straps are fitted with delrin quick release buckles.

These are made adjustable to fit rowing shells, pulling boats and canoes, as well as small sailboats and dinghies. A fold away "foot" holds the dolly upright to facilitate single-handed loading. Both are easily knocked down for transport. The RD-4 has fully pneumatic tires mounted on plastic wheel centers (not intended for highway use). It's well suited for use on sand or uneven/rocky terrain.  




Trailex Aluminum
Trailer Kit

Trailex SUT-200-S Single Boat Trailer Kit

After endless requests, we found a source for light trailer kits made just for those of us with kayaks, canoes, or small boats. Trailex trailers are solid aluminum, making them easy to move around your yard. And they won't rust!

The SUT-200-S single boat trailer is perfect for hauling the Skerry, the Annapolis Wherry, the Chester Yawl, the Sassafras 16 and a single kayak up to 18' long.  The SUT-200-S includes 8" wheels, unique rubberized suspension, adjustable axle, 2 adjustable V-bunks, running lights, and tag holder.



Tie Down Straps 

Tie Down Straps - Two-pack

The right type of straps can make securing a boat simple and safe. These straps with metal cam-buckles and protective pads are the type everyone in our shop uses. A must for transport. 




Safety Gear:


NRS Vista PFDs

We've tried out about fifty PFDs in the search for the perfect flotation device for paddling. Here's one that has it all: great cut and mobility so you forget you have it on, 7 adjustment points, the highest quality materials, pockets, attachment points for gear, and a great price. 

Size Chest 
XS 28" - 32"
S/M 33" - 40"
L/XL 38" - 46"
XXL 42" - 50"






 Helios Inflatable PFD

Helios Inflatable PFDs

The yoke style fit of the Helios is lightweight and very cool in hot climates. Inflates in seconds after a firm tug on the ripcord tab, providing 29 lbs of instant flotation. A manual inflatable requires you to be conscious and aware of what you are doing to pull the release, so best suited for quiet water paddling like kayak fishing or recreational touring. Single point indicator window allows you to confirm readiness. Backup oral inflation tube, reflective trim, and tethered whistle for added safety.





 Eco Flare

Eco Flare

Make yourself visible with the Eco Flare™ personal locator light. An essential safety item for sea kayakers, it comes complete with two bulbs: one for constant area light and a flashing red LED. Whether you're paddling through shipping lanes or just across the bay, Eco Flare™ will allow you to be seen. 




Safety Whistle

Safety Whistle

A noise-maker is Coast Guard requirement for small boats in most places, and a valuable safety device no matter where you paddle. Intended to be fastened to your PFD, these carefully engineered whistles have an incredibly loud, penetrating shriek that will carry a long way and might save your life in a bad situation.