What tools will I need for a boatbuilding class?

We'd like you to bring these things if you can.
 Dust Mask/Respirator  
 saftey glasses  Safety Glasses  
 Ear Muffs  
 Cordless Drill and Charger  
 Combination Square  
 16' Tape Measure  
 12" Ruler  
 Block Plane  
 Wire Cutters  
 3 one-sixteenth-inch (1/16") Drill Bits  
   Utility Knife and Blades  
   Assorted Screw Drivers  
6 Pencils  
   Assorted Chisels  
 Sanding Block   

You WON'T need these things:  They'll be provided in the classroom.
 8 2" Chip Brushes  
 2 Foam Brushes  
 12 Plastic Containers  
 12 Mixing Sticks  
 12 Disposable Gloves  
 Plastic Sheeting  
 2 Plastic Epoxy Spreaders  
 1 Roller Frame