Is working with epoxy and fiberglass smelly or dangerous to breathe? Is it safe to work with?

The eye-watering fumes that might come to mind when you think of "fiberglassing" are associated with polyester resin, which is how older production fiberglass boats were built.  Epoxy is a different chemical.  The epoxy we specify for our kits is 100% solids---nothing evaporating into the air as the chemicals react.  There is a faint odor, but it's neither strong nor even unpleasant.  You can use MAS Epoxy in the basement of your house, even if there's an open flame in the furnace and the upstairs is filled with small children and sensitive spouses.

However, you need to wear disposable gloves and an apron to keep epoxy off your skin and clothes and we suggest a drop cloth on the floor.

The dust created when you sand epoxy is not at all good for you, so you should wear a dust mask or respirator and, if possible, use a dust-collecting sander.

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