How much skill does it take to build a Home Grown Kit? Do you have to be a woodworker?

You don’t have to be a woodworker to successfully assemble a kit - you just need patience. Many of the parts are pre-machined, so most of the cutting and fitting needed is already done. Kit builders have only to trim off excess after assembly is complete. It helps to read the entire manual a time or two before you begin working. This will help you understand how the various steps in the building process are related. And remember the old wood-working adage, "measure twice, cut once." It is far easier to take wood off - especially soft wood like cedar - than it is to put it back.

Work slowly, preferring hand tools to power planers and 8-inch disc grinders. Stick with block planes, spokeshaves, rasps, and sanding blocks. Take frequent breaks to check (and admire) your work. Close one eye and sight down the board - it's easier to correct a problem while it is still developing. Finally, keep in mind that when you're done there will be a few things you wish you had done differently. All hand-made objects have imperfections; that's part of the appeal. One day, while you're waiting for another set, you'll look down at the seawater washing over the board's beautiful grain and be amazed by what you've built!