What kind of tools do I need to build a board?

• At least 4 bar clamps (min. 24”span)
• 20 - 2” and/or 3” Spring Clamps
• Caulking Gun
• Low Angle Block Plane (sharp)
• Chisels (sharp)
• Clothes iron
• Masking tape
• Duct Tape
80, 120, 220, 400, and 600 grit sandpaper
• Random orbital sander or sanding block, muscle and persistence
• Drill with assorted bits
• A 2x6 that is as long as the surfboard that you're building
Strapping (as is used in construction)
• Misc scraps of plywood and/or 2x4’s (24” lengths) used for creating a rocker table
Bristle brushes for epoxy work
Foam Brushes for varnish. Do not neglect the critical basics: Dust masks, safety glasses and latex gloves