OK, so CLC ships a lot of boat kits. But how's the quality?

Our goal is to make the highest quality boat kits in the world. We're a small company operated by ordinary people, and we care about the experience you have with your boatbuilding project.  It's important to our success that you have a great time from start to finish. We don't ship anything that we wouldn't use in our own boats, or in boats that are now on display in museums, boatshows, and showrooms. 

Our kits include only premium plywood made in European mills to BS1088 standards or better.  Timber parts are clear and hardware is the same used in custom boats or production boats.  We send the most expensive epoxy on the market, because that's what works the best.  Kayak seats are real, three-dimensional shapes, meant for kayaks, not a stadium pad or worse.  Our sails are made by a US-based sailmaking shop that specializes in traditional smallcraft sails.  It goes on and on:  YOUR completed boat is OUR advertising so we want every single boat to look great.