Rookie Red Faced Question

Posted by Mac on May 12, 2004

Hi Folks,

I need your advice again (big surprise!)

I've asked one of my gurus via email about this, but with all the spam and nasties that are going around, I don't blame him for not opening.

So, I'll swallow my embarrassment and ask the public forum - does anyone have advice and/or pictures for getting into and out of a touring kayak for the first time? Ice Phil showed me how from a wharf with a ladder, but I won't have access to that set-up initially - just mucky shoreline in VERY cold water.

I'm 6 feet tall, 250lbs, old (60) and stiff.

There will be people recording this event unfortunately, and I will share the evidence with you - if I must. Some pics will show my beautiful Epifanes varnish. The fun ones will probably show the Epifanes 2 part Prussian Blue bottom.

The closest thing we have to Big Al is Louie the Loon, and you can just imagine the maniacal laugh I'll get outta him!

Thanks for any help...