Re: Butt first

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 12, 2004

Mac, I really agree ol' John's advice. I straddle my boat, squat low enough to grasp the coaming on either side - behind my back, not in front - then lower my fanny on in. If the boat is floating, I then use my paddle (gently) to ensure no tip-overs while I swoosh my feet around to clean 'em up a bit. Then I draw them in, one at a time, as John describes.

(In short, I only added to use your hands *behind* you in the initial lowering process, and to swish your feet clean if you happen to care about that.)

I wear a pair of knee-high rubber boots made for yachters when the weather is cool.

I like the idea of practicing in the grass. But when you try same in water, you suddenly are introduced to initial, secondary, and no, stability. So keep them mitts on the coaming when entering your yak for the first time, and your feet in the muck for as long as practicable. Generally, in that last crucial instant your fanny goes *plop* and your feet leave the bottom simultaneously. But go slowly and deliberately, and you ought to be just fine. The whole idea is to keep the mass centered.

Once in the boat, take your time just sitting there... with your paddle ready to assist by being planted in the bottom and braced against (this is actually much easier on the paddle than it may sound). You may feel as though you are in dire straights in your endeavors to remain upright, but the feeling gradually morphs into relaxation as you get the feel of it all. The length of time this takes is impossible to predict for any number of reasons, but it *will* happen sooner or later.

Once you get underway, the boat ought to feel much more stable. It is usually at a standstill that it feels most tippy.

I believe you're gonna stay dry, and have the time of your life! Take pictures, and say 'hi' to Louie for me! If we miss exchanging pleasantries with Bob the Carp, don't worry about it... he'll get over it some day.

Cheers (And Good Luck!!), Kurt

In Response to: Butt first by John in Dallas on May 12, 2004