Cracked Shear Clamp

Posted by Chris F on May 13, 2004

Well, not really cracked. Failed at scarf joint is more like it. As I was stichin' up my 16Lt last night I knocked my beam spreader out (causing all sorts of chaos). When I went to jam it back in place, I noticed that one of my scarf joints was right at the beam and straining to burst. I quickly removed the spreader and had a swig of beer.

It looked like a solid scarf when I glued it to the hull panel, but it appears there was a significant void.

My solution thus far was to thicken some epoxy and cram as much in the crask as I could. With this scarf joint right at the beam am I in trouble? The panels are straining quite a bit at this point. Would I be best advised to unstitch (I'm about half way) and fix it?

Quite a discouraging event last night, as the boat was starting to actually look like a boat.