Call Off the Dogs!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 13, 2004

A failed sheer clamp scarf joint just happens to be an area of expertise for me, and perhaps you will be relieved to know it not a problem. Check out my website as linked below; it will take you directly to my fix, which went off without a hitch. And no, there is no need to un-stitch. If fact, once you are clamped up, you may safely *proceed* even while it cures!

Now put the beer down and get back to work. What else happened? I haffta admit, I chuckled when I read that all sorts of chaos busted out on you when you gave 'er the ol' spreader stick...

Cheers, Kurt

Pair O' Mill Creeks Project

In Response to: Re: Cracked Shear Clamp by Mac on May 13, 2004