Re: HELP- Flush hatch lat

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 13, 2004

Steve, I can't understand why no one has responded to your post. LeeG is an enthusiastic promoter of hatch latches, as seen on the Arctic Hawk. It is the easiest, and most fool-proof way of getting an unimpeachable seal going. The latches, as far as I ever understood it, are simply pieces of wood with one screw each, sorta like that henhouse door your grandma had up the country.

In the meantime, I installed flush hatches and internal bungees on my Cormorants, and didn't much like 'em at first. But I'm warming up to them nicely these days. I'm using 3/16", or whatever it is, bungee -- smaller diameter than the more standard 1/4". With it, I get a good, firm hold-down action without needing a pry-bar to open the hatches. And remember what Ross Leidy sez: you don't need a death grip. Just get it to where your hatch cover is firmly planted on the gasket.

Worked for me. Good luck with yours!

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: HELP- Flush hatch latches by Steve in Ottawa on May 12, 2004