Re: Ouch

Posted by Chris on May 13, 2004


First, I've learned to never knowingly let myself be filmed whenever I'm attempting anything, however, my sons digital has a video option, and he's learning to become very very sneaky, (I'm thinking of changing his name to..."EEEKK! GET OUT AND GIVE ME THAT!)

2nd, besides you wouldn't want me to. One of the reasons I needed so many coats was I kept screwing up the sides. I would do the bottom, then the sides, and then the top all in one go, and I'd always try to reach the whole top from one side of the boat. Being short and round, without fail, I would reach over the boat at the widest point and bump the wet side with my , This resulted in some very yoko-ono type patterns on the side of the boat, (for the young ones who don't know what I'm talking about, she had a very um..unique style of painting, read up on it) You want the boat to be a personal statement of who you are, but this was just a little too personal for me. chris

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