WR18 forming bulkheads

Posted by Dennis Rioux on May 13, 2004

It has finally warmed up around here to the point where I can get back to my WR18 which has been waiting patiently since last October for a little attention. I glued in the deckbeam and the second set of studs for the footbraces this morning. I anticipate a little decking excitement this weekend but I wanted to ask what, if anything, people have been doing with the "extra" set of bulkheads. Last fall there were discussions (which are no longer accessible in the archives) about just putting them in temporarily and pulling them back out after glassing the hull. Mine are securely filleted in place, so that is not an option. Has anybody tried making the through-holes bigger by cutting away some material. Does anybody see a problem with that? The one in front is a particular bother in terms of chopping up internal space. At the very least I need to drill a couple holes (what do nautically astute people call these things -- limber holes?) for water drainage. Any advice out there before I pop a top on my hull? Thanks.