Re: What paddle to buy?

Posted by Mike M. on May 13, 2004

I'm no paddle expert, but I ordered a pair of paddles from CLC for my double, which is also nearly done (aiming to have it ready for use on this year's camping trip first week of june). I like how the wood matches the boat, which is the main reason I got them. I have one other from clc and have had good luck with it.

Having read online a bit (search on google for choosing a kayak paddle and there's some good info out there) but the general rule on length is that the taller you are, the longer the paddle, and if you have a wider boat (like the double) then its better to go longer rather than shorter. You'll have to reach further out to avoid hitting the side. I got 2 of the 230 cm Sirocco Paddle from CLC. I'm 5'11", and my girlfriend is 5'3". Not tested yet, but I'm going to try to get a local test paddle in about 2 weeks. I'll be posting the results.

good luck!

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