Re: What paddle to buy?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 13, 2004

First of all, I'm surprised there isn't a lot of traffic going on this topic. Maybe everyone is tired of playing "opinion kickball"...

Ah well, damn the torpedoes, here's my 2 cents: No doubt about it, the subject of paddles is an exact science; albeit a badly subjective, highly whimsical sort of exact science. In fact, I wonder if it isn't more accurately described as a *religious* topic. Certainly, opinions vary depending upon many factors, even including whatever happens to be the fashion du jour. I'm serious! It's awful if you research back twenty years. Who can make heads or tails of the published data (opinions)??

Here's a pertinent example for you: I was awarded a 215cm paddle a year ago, which was supposed to be way too short for me -- especially since I was paddling a 30"-wide Mill Creek 13. But I loved it! Go figure...

At any rate, 230cm seems to be a popular length for the plastic sit-on-top (SOT) crowd we have down around here on the Texas Gulf Coast. And I imagine it would be good for a double sit-inside-kayak (SINK ... as they have it down here). It is also the paddle length provided by the renters of yaks herebouts, if that says anything.

So I say look for 225cm. But you know I likes 'em short... AND, what they say about opinions...

Cheers, Kurt

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