Re: What paddle to buy?

Posted by LeeG on May 14, 2004

an affordable one?

The challenge with short people and deep/wide boats is that they need to sit higher than the average seat to get the best advantage out of their proportions. There's no reason to be sitting on the bottom of very deep wide hull,,just because it's built that way and the seat that comes with the kit is the same seat as in a Ch14. It would be like you sitting on the bottom of a 30" wide canoe trying to clear the gunwales. I'd look for the lightest paddle you can afford for her and raise her seat off the bottom 2" first. Getting a long paddle in a small persons arms in order to accomodate to the boat is guranteed to make things harder. Raise the seat then go from there.

In Response to: What paddle to buy? by Jim S on May 13, 2004