Re: Mail Order Trailers

Posted by Steve Miller on May 14, 2004

Almost any of the boat trailers that size could be shipped. Not mail order but certainly on a truck. My trailer is an EZ Loader. Made here in the NW. Their EZN 14-17 trailer only weighs 393 pounds for example.

But why mail order? Any good boat dealer near your home could order a trailer for you. I bought mine from stock at a local dealer. I checked the EZ Loader website. Since you are in NJ (I think) they list a dealer in:

Anchor Marine Distributors, Inc. 9 Anchor Business Centre Deale, MD 20751-9600 FAX (410) 867-4087 PHONE (410) 867-7233 Ext. #4 PHONE (410) 269-0752 Ext. #4 (Balt.) PHONE (301) 261-9032 Ext. #4 (D.C.)

Good trailers. Galvanized and I love mine. Have my 12' sailboat on it.

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