get coat

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on May 14, 2004

I've finaly tired of repainting my boats every two years and recently saw a designer-built Artic Hawk which the builer had finished workboat style with gel coat. This seems the way to go for me, seeing as I'm so hard on my boats.

Anyone have any true experience (and please, no guessers or supposers ) on using get-coat in a non-spray application? I understand the importance of a release film, and so on, but have concerns with the compatability of gel-coat resin and epoxy, and with how well gel-coat rolls and tips and flows out.

Paint's allright, but even the best two-part polyurethanes have been chewed off my boat, and I'm simply beat from the maintenance of my Pax 17.5 now now in its eleventh year and on its fifth bi-annual paint job.