Re: What paddle to buy?

Posted by Stephen P on May 14, 2004

The wing paddles encourage use of good technique. Part of a wings design criteria is the amount of "twist". More twist in the blade and it has an even greater tendency to move out from the hull and create extra boat propelling lift and upper torso rotation. Both good things.

As with all good thing there are negatives. Wings aren't any good for high braces and sculling, nor are they good on the rear part of a sweep stroke. Rolling and low braces are fine. The degree of twist has diminishing results in terms of day to day liveability. Very high twist wings are only used for short sprints.

There are some posts on qajaqusa's forum regarding experimental GP wings! The GP stroke and paddle create lift in much the same way wings do. Wings are difficult to make from wood:( and tend to be at the top end price wise.


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