paint amount and age

Posted by Dennis Rioux on May 14, 2004

Is one quart enough paint for finishing the hull of your typical kayak with multiple coats? It turns out I need to order paint from CLC since my local West Marine outlet does not carry the Sea Green color that I want in one part polyurethane. Does the age of the paint matter? I thought the cans at this particular store looked like they had been around the block a time or two, so I looked on the bottom and a few had manufacture dates that were not coded -- the most recent was 2000 which seemed kind of old to me. I know shellac is better when its fresh. Is the same true for one part polyurethane? I assume CLC sells enough of this that I don't have to worry about getting old stock. I guess while I am paying for shipping heavy liquids I will get my varnish too... Thanks for your help (again).