Re: epoxy fill coats

Posted by RogerJ on May 15, 2004

After 4 coats you probably have enough epoxy on to sand down some. I made a fairing board for sanding with some left over 4mm and a couple of wooden drawer pulls. The 4mm is doubled up, the screw from the drawer pull goes through one thickness. The other piece of 4mm has countersinks that fit over the screw heads. Wooden blocks capture the abrasive, the blocks are held down by the knobs, which act as handles. my uses 3" X 24" sander belts cut at the join. You can make yours to fit any convienient sander belts. I have found the abrasive belts stay sharp longer than sheet paper or ROS pads. You can use 80g or finer grit. Since you supply the power it less likely to remove too much. This will take off the peaks. Also consider a squee-gee to spred the next "fill" coats, it helps take the tops off of the peaks while allowing epoxy in the valleys.

Stay with it GG RogerJ

In Response to: epoxy fill coats by Garagegirl on May 15, 2004