Go Steve!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 15, 2004

Mister Miller brings up an excellent argument, to wit: a classic woodworker's maneuver is to repair a defect by converting it into a feature. I like his suggestion best so far, by a looong shot. I think having to paint your deck because the wood broke sucks.

If it were me, however, I would be tremendously PO'd and have a holy cow if my plywood gave up the ghost that way. I'd have to have a word with my supplier about it, with the basic idea being that they replace the defective wood with a new piece, or we're talking abject and impending DOOM.

The fact that okoume "meets bs 1033 (and sometimes I think I know what the 'bs' stands for) standard" does not make it magical, although it does have the decided effect of pumping up the price for same. In my own experience, it has voids and bad spots, albeit fewer and father in between than with lesser grades. But if I'm gonna PAY for it, and CLC is insisting that it is necessary -- in part, to *make the bends required* to build a boat -- then by God I will EXPECT it to be plenty capable of doing what I want/need it to do!

And yeah, I know, replacing the defective stock will delay the project... and we all know how I am about project delays, or lack thereof when the paddling beckons... But still...

Sorry about that John, you got poked. But remember, as long as you or your wife or your son or your daughter ain't in Iraq, it's all relative gravy. Some folks are getting their kids back in boxes these days.

Cheers (hmpf!), Kurt

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