Re: We did it!

Posted by Joe Lombardo on May 16, 2004

Michael is eight. It really turned out to be a great project... Michael helped a lot during construction and feels proud of our accomplishment.

When we started the project, I hoped that we would learn some life lessons, create some wondeful memories, and have an heirloom when complete. I'm pretty sure all of these hopes became reality.

It had to be good for Michael to see how the boat came together one step at a time over months worth of effort, a lesson in perserverence. Similarly he saw how frequently I referred to the plans, manual and forums before taking on the next step... the importance of preperation. He saw *mistakes* happen and hopefully learned a bit about dealing with them constructively.

As far as an heirloom, I can't be sure so soon. But he did mention that he "would do a paint/varnish combo on the boat he built for his son." Casually revealing his plans for the future ;-)

For any other parent/child builders on the forum, here is a quick list of things Michael did during the construction of the boat.

� Cut the wire to lenght in preperation for stitching. � Stitch the boat together. � Clip the wires after the fillets dried. � Plane the shear clamps. (He only did a few as we were uncertain how it worked.) � Sanding the seat. � Lots of helping getting stuff, reading directions and watching his little brother!


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