Re: Waterproof bulkheads?

Posted by Mac on May 17, 2004


You can fill the space after the deck is on with prewetted fiberglass tape (it takes a little wriggling to get to the forward bulkhead with the yak upside down). I would do this for 2 reasons - strength of the deck and waterproofing the compartment in the event of a swamping.

You could also add plywood to the bulkhead to bring it up to the proper level in line with your guide and the deck braces. The bulkheads determine the shape of the deck so this would be preferrable. (You could still do the f/g tape trick anyway for extra strength).

If the gap is on the rear bulkhead, it is more easily fixed - and really important to fix, as the area just aft of the cockpit gets sat upon a fair bit.

Others of more experience will weigh in on your question, but this is my 2 cents.

Happy building and safe paddling.

In Response to: Waterproof bulkheads? by Johnnie Mac on May 17, 2004