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Posted by Niels G. Mortensen on May 17, 2004

Congratulations Chris, I sure know what it feels like - just been there, and done that... However, prepare yourself for a very different and even more joyful experience: launching and the first few miles on the water!

I took mine for her maiden voyage tonight and was really taken by surprise. Not only by the khayaks handling, which was actually quite a bit different from what I had anticipated - much more tippy at first, but then with a rock-solid secondary stability. But, even more surprising was 'the quality' of the trip: the closeness to the water, feeling every little wavelet and gust, enjoying the wildlife, sensing the smell of the countryside, etc. All the basic qualities of sailing and exploring came back to me instantly - like a travel backwards in time to my childhood by the sea... It was so cool!!!

Best wishes for a happy launching -- Niels

PS. Needless to say, the khayak was the prettiest boat in crowd of plastic yaks...

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