Re: okoume and red wine

Posted by Andr� Enegren on May 18, 2004

Thanks to all for your messages ! Mac, I already benefited from your very wise question about how to get in and out. Happy launching! Peter, the family paddling in your Mill creek seems very enjoyable and your summer will be a feast. Niels, I envy your deck rigging loops and, that goes without saying, your varnish. Roger, I�ll take further steps to ensure that California Red is not neglected on this side of the Atlantic. Joe, your son is lucky, really lucky...

Before this project I had no hands (except for making shaky bookshelves maybe). Now I have two left hands. Someday, who knows, also with your help, I might develop a hand for woodworking. When (and if) I have an acceptable picture, I�ll send it if it conveys some of the feelings that Niels describes in his answear to Chris in a message I just read.

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