Re: Any Body Else Notice?

Posted by Mark Camp on May 18, 2004

I wasn't going to mention it, since we tend to focus on amine blush and flush-mounted hatches on this board. But since you brought it up, yes, I appreciated the poetry of the original note. I don't know about you, but I immediately pictured myself in my own boat (in this dream, it was completed) ghosting down a canal toward the south of France, with an inexpensive but interesting Bordeaux in the picnic basket, and my adoring wife gazing lovingly into my eyes as she breaks off a chunk of good bread and a bit of Camembert on it...ah well, back to the 80 grit paper and the airborne pulverized Cab-o-sil!

In Response to: Any Body Else Notice? by Mac on May 18, 2004