Re: 10lbs Overweight

Posted by Terry Mcadams on May 18, 2004

Congratulations, Mac.

My first boats are heavier than my newer ones (I'm heavier than I used to be also).

When I have to load a boat on the car alone, I put a towel or blanket on the side of the roof (we don't use kayak racks, just the removable stackers in the middle of the cross bars on the Subaru). Then I wheel the boat next to the car, perpendicular to it. I then lift the bow onto the side of the roof. Then I grab the stern grab handle and drag the boat toward the car until it balances on the roof edge. then I swing the stern around and lift it onto the crossbars, straighten the boat, bolt on the stackers and strap on the boat, with saftey ropes through the holes in the ends of the older Subaru roof rails. I reverse the procedure to take the boat off.

Sounds more complicated than it it. I can do it without lifting more than half the boat's weight and without major back pain.

Wasn't this uplifting to read?


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