Graphite/epoxy bottom

Posted by Matt on May 18, 2004

I'm finishing the bottom of one of my kayaks with some epoxy mixed with graphite powder. The goal is just to have a bottom that doesn't show scratches as much. I'd like to get a nice, smooth finish just with the goop, and not have to paint over it with black paint. I've got the fill coats of the graphite mixture on and sanded, so now I'm ready to put the (hopefully) final coats on.

1) Any tips for getting a smooth finish with this type of mixture? It seems to me that the extra thickness that the graphite adds to the expoxy might make it difficult to tip out.

2) I've heard of people burnishing the bottom after applying the graphite/epoxy mixture. What tools or techniques would I use to do this?

As always, thanks very much in advance for advice!