Re: 10lbs Overweight

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 18, 2004

Mac, that's no small boat you have there! I believe ol' Roy -- and every other designer -- gets fairly starry-eyed when specifying weight. Heck, makes the product sound better so you wanna buy it, right? Only it takes a seasoned pro to actually pull it off.

But 54 lbs for a 19' x 25" S&G kayak doesn't sound obese to me. And yessir, develop a method for loading that doesn't involve too much dead-lifting! You're already on the right track with your carpet scrap. Handled one end at a time, you'll have no trouble with it. As a guy on a loading dock once told me: "I don't work hard, I work smart." I never forgot that...

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: 10lbs Overweight by Mac on May 18, 2004