Re: 10lbs Overweight

Posted by Mark Camp on May 18, 2004

55 lb. for the way I use a kayak would be more than adequate. Mine weighs 65, and it is no problem to get on and off the top of the car and over to the water. In contrast, most of the builders on this newsgroup have a requirement for a much lighter boat, and the difference between 35 lbs. and 40 is huge, for them. Probably they are doing longer carries, or are into high performance. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that your boat does not seem at all heavy, given recreational use and cartopping. All depends on the individual requirements, as they say.

My boat abuilding is a CLC sailboat, by the way. I did not mean to imply that I had built a 65 lb. stitch and glue kayak.

In Response to: 10lbs Overweight by Mac on May 18, 2004