Re: Blazin' Paddles

Posted by Chris on May 18, 2004

Well thanks folks, (blush blush)

Joe, Thank You!!, I don't know how ya did it, but ya did it. You are a very wise and cabable man.

Yes that is an onlay, the light wood is birch, the center strip is cherry stained a redish hue. If you take one half of the diamond design on the fore deck, (looks kind of like a sharp angled R), it's actually an ancient runic symbol which signifies "Travel, Journeys and Learning". (cool eh?) of course, I had to also make a mirror image of it to keep it symmetrical, which I guess signifies "going home and getting stupid". (beer homecoming?) Anyways, thought it was a good idea at the time.

And yes Mac, you are absolutely right (and very observant) that IS the skeg control. I had intended to put it on the deck, but the cable wasn't long enoug to get past the point on the combing where it wouldn't interfere with the skirt, and there wasn't enough room between the combing and hatch to make it easy to reach, so we put it on the side. Kind of like it there now.

The hook for the paddle park was carved from the bottom of an old hammer handle. (from the stick versus the pygmy squash root)

Mac, re: the kid, yes you may, I'll pay for postage, Stock up on lots and lots of food, you can keep him till he's done college. Sure you don't want the husband too? How about a couple dogs and a cat, now that I've got a cool boat, this whole working and taking care of a family thing is just interfering with paddling time.

Got the champagne on order


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