Re: Graphite/epoxy bottom

Posted by Mike Morse on May 18, 2004

I just put a graphite bottom on my wood strip canoe. ( In addition to the graphite I added wests' product that is the same as Cab-o-si. Makes for a rock hard bottom.

I was going to burnish with fine steel wool but decided against it because it came out nice. (I spent some time sanding the underlying epoxy smooth) I would add black color pigment to the mix as the graphite powder did not give me a solid dark black until I added much more than west reccomends.

(I just built the C-14 this weekend ans used the whuiite pigment in the interior spaces. looks just like gloss white and no extra painting!)

I thinned the mix a little as well to assist in tipping out. I either used laq thinner or acatone (I can't remember which- but it is addressed in the West product guide.

Good luck .


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