squeegee opinion reversed

Posted by Peter Lyons on May 19, 2004

In my most recent squeegee-related post, I don't believe I had anything nice to say about them. Now, my mom always told me that if I didn't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all. Okay, so, cut me some slack - did you take every bit of advice your mom gave you?

I guess I should clarify here that I'm talking about those flexible plastic scrapers, not the soft rubbery kind.

Anyhow, because of the unwavering faith in squeegees demonstrated by several other posters here, I decided to give 'em another go, even after swearing I'd never pick one up again. And you know what? It worked just dandy! I did one thing differently than I'd done before, and it made all the difference. You see, it used to drive me nuts how I could never get rid of the lines of schmoo along the edges of each stroke of the squeegee. So, this time, once I had the stuff spread over the whole surface, I started wiping the edge of the blade clean after each stroke. No more lines! :-) (Well, okay, there are some lines, but they're barely noticeable.) It made for a real nice and even final fill coat.

I've actually used the yak a few times already since then, but tonight I intend to sand and slap a coat of tractor paint (Hesston white) on the hull. I may yet change my mind on the color. I'm gonna swing by Farm & Fleet just one more time and have another look. Allis-Chalmers Poppy? Ford Blue? John Deere Green with John Deere Yellow rub rails? Case Red? Choices, choices, choices...