Re: Blazin' Paddles

Posted by Chris on May 19, 2004

Roger Funny thing, I had to send Mr. Chris a picture of my fishing pole and tackle before he'd date ME. I had to do a lot of pleading and whining (and fish cleaning) to get him to let me start this kayak project, but once started he jumped on board fully, (thank god). Now he's committed me to help build another one with him, for him, and our Son wants to build one too. (oh darn) We won't start anything till the fall, cause we want to be paddling in the warm weather, (we've got a few other composite and fibreglass yaks to play with). we're also not in a hurry to get our son out the door, He's almost 6 feet tall but to me he'll always be that wee babe in arms. However when I told him what I wrote to Mac about sending him off, he laughed and said "Sure!", he's been taking french at school, and has the two phrases "where is the food?" and "where is the can?" down pat. Look out Mac. cj

In Response to: Poke me with a fork. by Chris on May 17, 2004