Revarnish deck & silicone

Posted by Bill on May 19, 2004

Hello All,

I'm about to refinish the varnished deck on the Ch17LT that I built about 4 years ago. At the time and despite the cautions, I used silicone on the screw threads that mounted deck lines and straps, for fear of water incursion and staining. Well, I didn't get any staining but... I have just pulled all the deck rigging off and there is a blob of silicone under where each webbing loop was attached. I have scraped those blobs off with a sharp chisel but they still feel slippery. What can I do now? I don't want to get the Random Orbital Sander near any remaining silicone. Is there any alternative to sanding the deck with ROS but staying away from every screw hole, then maybe hand sanding at each hole, sanding toward the edge?