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Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 19, 2004

"I seem to be sanding it all away again and getting back into the weave (again)..."

I like to be able to see the weave through the final coat of epoxy. If'n I can't see it, then I know I'm troweling on the schmoo way too thick. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I have an aviation-oriented head-bone that simply will NOT let go of my excessweightaphobia syndrome fer nuthin'. The Good Lord knows I likes 'em strong, too, for making smoking holes in the ground doesn't exactly make my day. But if I can see the weave of the cloth, and know I'm not *in it*, then I believe it is time for a victory roll (of varnish, perhaps).

And by the way, what the devil is wrong with those little lines, anyway? They sand off super easy. I guess I might suggest that if they don't, your schmoo is setting up on you as you endeavor to apply it. Make up smaller batches. My final fill coat takes about one ounce.

Cheers, Kurt

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