Re: Pigment in the epoxy?

Posted by mike noeske on May 19, 2004

The brand I bought is made by System Three (the resin people). I found it in a Woodcraft catalog (, Woodcraft offers white, black, blue, yellow, brown and red in 2oz jars for $6.99 each, except yellow which is $13.99 for 2 oz, don't ask me why yellow cost more. A 2 oz jar is about 1.5 inches in diameter by 1.5 inches tall. The pigment instructions say not to use more than 10% by volume. I think 2 oz should be plenty. I am planning on painting the inside of my WR18 and using the pigment in the fill coat, then paint over that. The idea being when it gets scratched, it wont be very noticable. If it gets scratched bad enough that I can see wood, I have a very major scratch that went thru the cloth and probably exposed the wood. Not a bad idea if you plan on painting the outside hull. Hope this helps..Mike

In Response to: Pigment in the epoxy? by Dave on May 19, 2004