Re: Revarnish deck & sili

Posted by Steve Miller on May 19, 2004

Now you know why silicone is not recommended. I was the Industrial Rep for DAP for 9 years. There is no readily available solvent that will remove cured silicone. Anything strong enough to eat silicone will also likely eat the epoxy. The available "caulk removers" don't work on silicone. Scrape or cut as much as you can and then go at it with the sander. Sorry.

But....if you just have to try something nasty try a good strong paint stripper. Try some that is non-flam (not water based but chlorinated solvents) as well as the usual petroleum based stuff. If you damage your kayak epoxy or glass with harsh chemicals please don't blame me. I warned you. :-)

Easier to just sand it off and refinish.

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