Re: Revarnish deck & sili

Posted by Bill on May 19, 2004

Thanks for your inputs. I have taken a very sharp chisel and holding it almost vertically, scraped the areas around the screw holes. I believe that I have the silicone off and am scraping just varnish now.

I'm going to use my ROS and do the deck and cockpit coaming first, avoiding the screw holes. Then I will sand atound the screw holes, trying not to have the dust get onto the already sanded areas. ROS has a vacuum hose, which will help. Also, I will wipe it all down with mineral spirits before varnishing.

Since the areas around the screw holes will be mostly covered by the webbing loops, I can live with a less than perfect varnish job there. I just want the main part of the deck to look decent. After all, this is a 4 year old boat, not a never scratched new one. The original varnish is starting to craze a bit and I want to renew it before it gets very bad.

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