Re: Pigment in the epoxy?

Posted by LeeG on May 20, 2004

that's what I was about to say,,the reason I did it is that regular paint doesn't hold up well against sand and grit anyway so why not put down a hard layer under the paint that was the same color. I'm guessing that pigmented epoxy will slow down UV degradation better than clear epoxy. I still layed down one coat of paint in the cockpit up to the heel area.

For example on a well abused varnished hull that was left outside over the summer there was a strip of the keel exposed without varnish,,about 1"x6", eventually the unproteced epoxy got frosty /UV damaged. On a painted hull with tinted fill coats and only two coats of paint needed for coverage the paint could strip off and I won't notice the UV degradation! ok,ok,,maybe it won't make a difference but out of sight out of mind isn't a bad thing either.

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