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Posted by Mac on May 20, 2004

to you by the guy who still hits enter in the subject line - sorry.

I need your help regarding the correct way to christen a virgin yak by a virgin paddler.

I've got the champagne, I've picked out a name - in fact the little plaque is attached to starboard bow as I write. Marjolaine 1. My wife (she's also the first) oh, (and Number One!) Geeze I'm gettin' nervous here - you'd think after 30 years of marriage....

Anyway - I'm not allowed to have broken bottle glass in our lake. I guess everything else is allowed - within common decency - unless we do it a midnight with no moon or star light (gotta watch those ATM's).

Is it better if my lady performs the ceremony?

Can a kayak be known as "The Good Ship"

Can "God bless all those who sail in her"?

Do we pour champagne: over the virgin deck :in the lake to appease Louie the Loon (who sure ain't no virgin) :into the virgin paddler for Dutch Courage :down the drain to stop stupid rants like this?

And in what order?

My head hurts....

Seriously - HELP! Any and all experiences and suggestions most welomed!




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