Re: Seams on the tape

Posted by LeeG on May 20, 2004

Maybe someone from the fiberglass tape industry could tell us why one side has a thicker edge? Some folks have tape that wiggles up more than others so some folks have bubbles along the edge more than others. Either way putting thin flexible cloth over a thick selvaged edge on tape doesn't sound like a neat solution.

On the nicely finished demo boats I've seen there were a couple solutions. Grinding down the edge before the cloth went on,,but that's not what the instructions say. Grinding down the edge after everything is cured and rolling on another coat of epoxy. Theoretically that "reduces strength" but practically it's not anything significant given the lack of flexing possible right near the chine joint. It might make a little difference in the middle of the panel if you had cloth meething with no overlap. On a Ch16 where I didn't do anything those little gaps and bubbles fill up nicely with dirt and make the interior more organic looking. I'm guessing most of the CLC demo boats were sanded down significantly with little consequence. Which makes one wonder about the utility of tape, maybe only 6oz. cloth could work like in the multichine hulls?

In Response to: Seams on the tape by Dave on May 19, 2004