Re: Blazin' Paddles

Posted by Chris on May 20, 2004

That's the plan, build one each winter, but I'll probably still hold onto my little Dimension Excell Deluxes. While they are certainly not in the same category of our wood and fibreglass kayaks (I'd never take them out on Georgian Bay for example), they are great in small fast rivers, can handle up to class 2 to 3 rapids, and log jams and portages you just jump out and drag em across with out worrying about banging them up. And they are stable enough to fish out of or initiate the first timer, but surprisingly fast (They are finished very smooth and cut the water well). Skeg up they are very manueverable in a twisty river, skeg down they track straight. By far they are the best Polyetherine boat I've paddled. Maybe I just like collecting them, What can I say, there ain't a kayak I met I didn't like. If I can scrounge up enough friends and family, we can take the whole mangy pack around the corner of a bay, and then look out.

Rojer, It would be very cool to explore some very exotic place from the viewpoint of a kayak. I hope you do it. I'd like to do a 2 to 3 week guided tour through one of our northern rivers, Like the Nahinni Waaaaayyyy up North. (Go to Alaska, Turn Right). Believe it or not, while their summers are short, (Like July August, Done), the temperatures soar to as high as 90 degrees. cj

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